When to Call Hospice

"We are able to have better quality of time together because his symptoms are being managed (by his hospice care). So, the limited energy that he has now, he’s able to put into the things he enjoys doing."

  - Vickie W., wife of Providence Hospice patient

It’s never too early to call hospice. It’s appropriate to discuss all care options, including hospice care, at any time during the course of a life-limiting prognosis.

"I wish I had known about hospice sooner." This is a regret that hospice clinicians frequently hear from family members. Associating hospice only with dying, instead of a way to make the most of your remaining time, often keeps families from asking about hospice earlier. In general, the earlier Providence Hospice can become involved with your care, the more support we can give, both to you and to your family and caregivers.

Disenrolling from hospice is also allowed. If you decide you would like to embrace a different care plan you are free to disenroll from hospice, and re-enroll at a later date if needed.