Hospice Care at Home

Your hospice team will focus on quality of life and address your needs as a whole, from managing pain and symptoms to providing emotional, social, and spiritual support.

  • A hospice nurse will visit and call you regularly to check on your condition and answer any questions you or your caregiver might have.
  • Hospice aides and volunteers provide support with personal grooming, light housekeeping, and respite care, or even to help care for your pets.
  • Physical or occupational therapists can help identify home modifications that may dramatically improve your ability to move around the house.
  • If desired, spiritual support for people of all faiths is provide by chaplains.
  • Social workers can provide education or even help sort through paperwork associated with end of life.
  • Your hospice doctor or nurse practitioner will also make house calls as needed.

Hospice care also means support if care at home is no longer desired or your symptoms can no longer be managed at home. Your hospice team can help identify if care at home is no longer feasible. If this should occur, they can help identify a more appropriate level of care and help move you to this level of care.