Providence Hospice

What is hospice?

People facing the end of life often need special care, and their families and loved ones may need additional support as well. Common end-of-life desires include avoiding suffering, last wishes followed and dying with dignity. Providence Hospice provides expert, compassionate care for individuals as they face these stages in their lives. We understand that each family is special and tailor our team approach to their specific needs.

"He wanted to be here, in his home. He wanted to be connected to his family and hospice permitted him to have that golden chapter here."

- Susan G., Widow

Our hospice experts work with your primary caregivers to provide patients with the support needed to spend their time living as fully and completely as possible, in your own familiar surroundings, and in the company of family and friends.

Providence Hospice provides medical and supportive care for people facing a terminal illness and their families. Hospice is for people who have decided, with their physicians, that comfort care rather than curative care is now their goal.

Light Up a Life

Celebrate the memory of a loved one with a special donation in their name.

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