Words from our patients: The value of our small town hospital

I was recently a patient of you hospital and was there for five nights awaiting transfer to Portland for surgery. I was amazed at the difference between a large city hospital and your small town hospital. Although the larger hospital has all the proper technologies to take care of my situation, they were missing the warmth and compassion that your staff showed me. Throughout my hospitalization there were several people that had a positive impact on my stay.

Rhonda from the emergency room took time to pray for me and was a strong advocate for my admission to the hospital. Dr. Edwards took the time to understand my situation and actually stayed with me beyond his scheduled hours to make sure that I had a physician and room waiting for me in Portland. On one very difficult night, Annie helped me time after time with such a great attitude. Later, I found out she wasn’t actually my CAN yet she was there for me every time. Leslie, Charlotte and Becky were both extremely caring and showed concern for my wellbeing. Elyse was with me for four of the five days and was consistent, polite and always smiling. I never seemed to be a burden on her. My lovely wife Amanda was my nurse for two days. I have a new appreciation for her and the work she does.