Chair's Message

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the patients, families and community members who have received support from the Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Foundation I thank each and every organization, business and individual that has contributed time, money or goods to fund that support. We are only as strong as our donors, and we sincerely appreciate all of your backing. 

I’m happy to tell you that our support of the Gorge area is stronger than ever. In the face of ongoing healthcare changes, the PHRMH Foundation is embracing the transformation of the ways we provide assistance to those in need. Many of our efforts are directed outward with programs in the community like the dental vouchers we provide for kids, breast cancer screening support, and our partnership with Hospice. We believe that new initiatives, like supporting a workforce of community health workers and encouraging collaboration between health providers, may be the most valuable investment in improving the health of rural populations. Prevention is the key to a healthy community. 

In the coming years, you will also see the Foundation concentrate on how the Foundation began, as a community-centered, community-focused organization, assisting with the health needs of local residents. I believe that returning to our roots will open up opportunities for collaboration and service provision, thus enhancing our ability to increase the health of our community. 

I speak for our foundation board when I say we are grateful for the opportunity to enhance access to services and improve population health with our Mission-based initiatives that center on the poor and vulnerable. We sincerely welcome and appreciate your support and participation in our efforts. Please contact me, or call the foundation office, to talk about your passion, what drives you to help others and how you might get involved. 

Thank you,

Devon J. Wells, Chair
Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Foundation