Pharmacy team

Our team of pharmacists, nurses and reimbursement specialists collaborates closely with referring physicians to provide high-quality and appropriate therapies, experienced care and excellent service.

  • Pharmacists: Our clinical pharmacists have specialized training and experience working with patients of all ages in the areas of nutrition, chronic conditions, rare and infectious diseases, cancer and pain management. They work closely with our nurses and referring physicians to ensure the appropriate selection, dose and frequency of all prescribed therapies.
  • IV certified registered nurses: Our infusion nurses provide one-on-one education and training so patients and their caregivers can confidently and safely self-administer infusion therapies. They provide expert care, offer compassionate support and monitor patient progress to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Reimbursement specialists: Our team of reimbursement specialists verifies insurance coverage, obtains authorizations and bills patients' insurers directly for all services we provide, relieving physicians' offices of these tasks.

Available to you 24/7: If you have questions or need to speak with a pharmacist, nurse or reimbursement specialist, we are available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

Portland, SW Washington and Salem: 503-215-4633
Medford: 541-732-5566