For Clinicians

Providence Home Health Palliative Care provides specialized home health care to patients with chronic or life-threatening illness.

Why Palliative Care?

Patient with chronic or life-threatening illnesses typically require a greater level of care management.  Providence Home Health Palliative Care helps to manage these patients and intervene early to avoid a crisis or hospitalization.

Which patients are appropriate for palliative care?

  • Patients who meet home-bound criteria and require a medically necessary skilled service in their home
  • Patients with advanced or chronic illness and who are not yet ready or appropriate for hospice
  • Patients with life-limiting illness who continue to receive curative treatment
  • Patients requiring extensive case management
  • Patients who have difficulty with pain and symptom control
  • Patients who experience frequent hospitalizations or emergency department visits

Palliative care offers:

  • All services offered by Providence Home Health
  • Patient-tailored nursing visits
  • 24-hour telephone nursing support
  • Recurring social work visits
  • Patient updates
  • Management of difficult symptoms including pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, fear, anxiety, confusion, depression, failure to thrive and others
  • Help with addressing changing goals of care, including helping the patient to identify his or her wishes, assisting with complex advance directives and helping with transition to hospice care where appropriate
  • Coordination of care throughout the illness, providing guidance regarding available treatment choices, practical and emotional support for family and caregivers, financial guidance and individual and family counseling
  • Education including access to community resources, support groups and referral services, patient education and providing information about a specific disease
  • Ongoing assessment and coordination of services along the continuum of care including:

A team of professionals assist you with the care of your patient:

  • Palliative care registered nurse/case manager
  • Medical social worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Board certified nurse practitioners
  • Mental health nursing
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Dietitian
  • Home health aide

Referral criteria:

A physician’s order is required to obtain home health services.  A following physician will also be required to sign initial care plan, add-on orders and changes in care services.   We are federally regulated to obtain signatures in these instances.

Referrals: You or your staff may call or fax a referral into our access department.  


Medicare, Medicaid, worker’s compensation and most private insurance companies and HMOs cover the cost of home health care.  Coverage and prior authorizations differ from plan to plan.  Our staff will verify benefits and communicate with you about any financial responsibilities your patient may have.

Financial assistance may be available, based on income, if your patient does not have insurance.