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Concussion Checklist: Sideline Management

Checklist for sideline staff to use when they suspect an athlete has sustained a concussion. Handout includes a place to document details of the injury for increased communication with the evaluating physician.

Concussion Symptom Tracking Sheet

Optional tool for athletes/parents to track activity and symptoms between office visits.

Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

Sports concussion educational handout for parents, athletes and coaches.

Play it safe this summer

Tips for a safe, fun and healthy summer.

Proprietary Health Article

Back to school tips for parents

As summer draws to a close, families are getting ready for the start of a new school year and, if you plan ahead, you can fend off a frazzled first day of school. Here are some tips for what you should be doing now to help get your kids back on track for going back to class.

Keep your athlete playing all summer: Understand the signs of dehydration

Understanding how heat-related problems occur and how to prevent dehydration, can help your child enjoy a fun summer and a great start to their athletic programs.