Research stories: When radiotherapy marries immunology

Besides its leading-edge work in radiation oncology, Providence Cancer Center also is known for its research in cancer immunotherapy, the process of prompting the immune system to reject and extinguish tumors. Two Providence immunotherapy researchers are helping lead an investigation into the use of stereotactic body radiation therapy in conjunction with immunotherapy drugs to create a very unwelcome environment for cancer.

Five years ago, Providence Cancer Center enticed Marka Crittenden, M.D., Ph.D., and her husband, Michael Gough, Ph.D., from their jobs at the Mayo Clinic. At the time, Dr. Crittenden was searching for a location for her radiation oncology residency, and Dr. Gough needed to find an appropriate laboratory for his work as an immunologist. Impressed by the prominence of Providence Cancer Center researchers, Dr. Gough joined the team while Dr. Crittenden completed her residency in Oregon.

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