Patient stories: A heartbeat away

It's past midnight
Linda Cantrell is alone in a trailer
that’s miles from a hospital.

Then the pain hits.

The ribbon of road leading to the Stone property in Yamhill County seems to go on for miles. Drive past the misty orchards, the patchwork quilt of farmland, and you eventually arrive at the family compound, a friendly collection of sheds, trailers, fruit trees and a small farmhouse.

This is where Linda Cantrell spends part of the year, in a tidy trailer with a welcome mat at the bottom of the steps. It’s a few yards from the main house where her parents live and a few miles from her daughter’s home in Newberg. The land is peaceful, bucolic and isolated – and it is the last place you’d want to suffer a medical emergency.

Yet after midnight on May 22, 2008, one struck.

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