Donor stories: Community connectors

Officially, Providence advisory board members, such as Kay Brantley and Mary Brophy of the Ruth J. Spear Breast Center Advisory Board at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, meet regularly and make recommendations to the hospitals’ foundations and leadership teams on a range of topics, including operations, fund raising and community relations. Unofficially, they are valuable eyes and ears in the communities, employing the objectivity of an outsider and the organizational IQ and passion of an insider to assist people through intimate, lifethreatening health crises.

"Typically when an organization approaches you to serve on its advisory board, the conversation revolves around money," says Kay. "How much can you personally contribute or raise for a new facility, or what new business connections within the community can you bring? This might be true of other corporations and nonprofits, and of Providence to a lesser degree, but the calling, the Mission, is different here."

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