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Providence foundations in Oregon are grateful for philanthropic support. Community donors help sustain programs and services for patients and loved ones, enable medical research to move forward, acquire needed equipment and technology, and provide financial help for the vulnerable in each of the communities Providence serves.

A peaceful, blessed goodbye

Providence music-thanatologists offer soothing and spiritually powerful comfort to those nearing the end of life. Thanks to your contributions, this special program now celebrates its first decade.

Donor profile: Mark Williams

Mark Williams, 54
Business owner, melanoma survivor

Donor stories: Community connectors

Mary Brophy and Kay Brantley reach out to connect the community to Providence services.

Donor stories: Two good hearts deserve another

What inspired Heart of Gold recipients Chuck and Louanna Eggert to give tirelessly to Providence Child Center? A little girl named Emily … and a butterfly.

Life after melanoma

Two years ago, Chuck Howard had more melanoma tumors than his doctors could count. Thanks to a treatment being developed and tested at Providence, the Salem dentist is making a remarkable recovery.

Patient stories: A delicate dance

Carol Fichtner’s brain surgery requires deft hands and space-age technology. Update: Where is Carol now?

Patient stories: A silent threat

A gut feeling and an ultrasound uncover Victor's hidden threat.

Patient stories: All the joys of childhood

A day in the life of a medically fragile child is remarkably like that of other neighborhood kids.

Patient stories: Bringing a summer pastime to the kids

Camp P.L.A.Y.: bringing a summer pastime to the kids

Patient stories: Tumor treatment's changing landscape

Over the years as Clara Harris' cancer has returned, she benefitted from advances in cancer care, including new radiation treatment. UPDATE: Where is Harris now?

Patient story: Beating in good time

Christopher Hamilton had a big heart...literally. After six months with the "flu" and 20 pounds of water filling his chest, a novel procedure put this young father's heartbeat back into rhythm.

Patient story: I haven't had any new cancers

It’s been 11 years since Clara Harris was diagnosed with kidney cancer; more than 10 years since she had radiation for brain and bone tumors. And it’s been one year since Harris welcomed her first grandchild.

Patient story: Journey to the edge and back

On Sunday morning Mike Holland thought he had the flu. By Monday night he was dying. Saving him would take a team of heart experts, a new machine and a miracle.

Patient story: Refreshing waters embrace medically fragile children

From easing tight muscles to encouraging happy splashes, aquatic therapy provides both health benefits and fun for residents of the Center for Medically Fragile Children.

Physician profile: Todd Crocenzi, M.D.

Todd Crocenzi, M.D.
Director, Gastrointestinal Oncology Research
Robert W. Franz Cancer Research Center in the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute
Providence Cancer Center

Physician stories: Lung cancer - five reasons for hope

Specialists explain the latest gains in lung cancer care.

Physician stories: Telestroke brings Providence experts into far-away hospital room

The faster patients can be diagnosed and treated, the better their outcomes.

Physician stories: The gentlest cut

Minimally invasive surgery can quickly return patients to their regular daily life.

Physician Story: Dr. Digital

Call it Medicine 2.0: Providence Heart and Vascular Institute cardiologist James Beckerman, M.D., is among the next generation of doctors using social media to promote healthy habits.

Research stories: Portland diabetes project

Ground-breaking research improves outcomes for heart surgery patients worldwide.

Research stories: When radiotherapy marries immunology

Promising research at Providence Cancer Center brings together radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

Patient story: Brain tumor-free, a life rebounding

Two years after a Providence surgeon removed the tumor that disrupted her life, Carol Fichtner is thriving.