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CarolynWinter130-plus years. Hundreds of millions of dollars. One remarkable woman.
Dedication, determination and love are just some of the words used to describe Carolyn Winter. Her vision of helping those less fortunate is what drives her to excel.

Through the years she has led efforts to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for Providence Foundations in Oregon. She has built strong friendships and mentored up and coming fundraisers. She has comforted patients and their families as they faced medical uncertainties.

Carolyn’s commitment to Providence and those it serves is tireless and unwavering.

And so we honor her, and we invite you to do the same.


CarolynWinter2Prior to his passing, longtime friend and donor Robert W. Franz made a significant gift to Providence to recognize Carolyn and her good work.

We seek to match his gift and raise $5 million in Carolyn’s name by the end of 2018.


After a career in teaching, Carolyn joined the Foundations as director of volunteer services in the 1980s. Carolyn began the annual tradition that is now known as The Festival of Trees in 1983.

For more than a decade, Carolyn served as the executive director of the Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation. But she almost quit before she started. Within the first week of her new job, she was asked to raise $5 million in the next 5 years. She didn’t think she could do it. But her boss, Greg Van Pelt, disagreed and wouldn’t let her resign. Her career in fundraising took off from there.

In 2003, Carolyn became the lead fundraiser overseeing all of Providence’s ten foundations in Oregon. She successfully led the $74 million “Providence Together” campaign raising money for Providence throughout Oregon with a focus on the Providence Cancer Center Tower at Providence Portland Medical Center.

Carolyn will tell you her true passions are finding a cure for cancer, ensuring kids have a healthy life, making it possible for people to access the latest in heart care, and giving everyone access to leading health care advancements. Her satisfaction comes not with raising millions, but in uncovering your passions and allowing you the opportunity to help others. Please join us in honoring Carolyn.


CarolynWinter3 Gifts may be made to any of Providence’s ministries. Because of her long-time relationship with the Providence Cancer Center, Providence Heart & Vascular Institute, Providence Child Center and the Providence Center for Healthcare Ethics, we are asking for consideration of a gift in her honor to one of these programs. However, a gift to another area of your interest may also be made in honor of Carolyn.

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A life of giving back: Carolyn Winter