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Providence Brain and Spine Institute: Easing nerves and healing minds

Our brain powers our bodies, propels our curiosity, defines our personality and holds our memories. Having a neurological disorder is understandably scary. At Providence Brain and Spine Institute, we are dedicated to providing the best care to our patients and their family, helping them to understand their condition and support them with a specialized team.

About us

Providence Brain and Spine Institute is a comprehensive, integrated program treating all conditions of the brain and spine. Our recognized specialists partner with patients to provide treatment and recovery, advanced medical expertise and compassionate care.

Providence Brain and Spine Institute treats brain and skull base disorders, as well as stroke, peripheral nerve disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), epilepsy, other brain and spine disorders and pediatric neurological conditions. Learn more >

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Philanthropic support has helped us sustain programs and services for patients and loved ones, enable medical research to move forward, acquire needed equipment and technology, and provide financial help for the vulnerable in each of the communities Providence serves.

[link:URL]See who serves on the Providence Brain and Spine Institute Leadership Cabinet.

Providence Foundations Brain and Spine Funds

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Providence Community Health Foundation-Medford

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Providence Portland Medical Foundation

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      radiobutton Telestroke   question

Providence Seaside Hospital Foundation

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Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation

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