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In 1856, the Sisters of Providence forged a path to the Northwest and began their work, caring for the poor and vulnerable. The Sisters were the first fundraisers for Providence, raising money to build orphanages, hospitals and schools.

Donors help to make a huge impact in health and wellness across Oregon.

The Sisters’ resilient spirit lives on in our donors, helping us grow our good work across the full continuum of health care—from birth to end of life. Thank you.

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Creating Hope: Providence has been a major player in cancer research for decades.

The past 23 years have seen tremendous strides in cancer immunotherapy research, with many successes taking place at the Providence Cancer Center in Portland.

Dr. Don Romanaggi receives Providence Child Center Heart of Gold award

Providence Child Center Foundation was pleased to honor Dr. Don Romanaggi as the 2016 Heart of Gold recipient.

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Saving lives of youth through a simple heart screening.

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