Providence Benedictine Nursing Center Foundation

For more information, contact Susan Gallagher, 503-845-2763.

To make a gift, you may print out a pledge form or make your gift online.

Building and Equipment/special projects

Each year the nursing center focuses on a different special equipment project. This year donations will fund “Have a Seat,” a special campaign to replace and upgrade our seating cushions and fleet of wheelchairs so that residents/patients will have comfortable, durable and safe seating. Residents spend much of their day in wheelchairs, it is vital that the chairs suit their bodies. With an appropriate chair they can move about the building to activities such as Mass, garden, therapy and the dining room. For residents and patients, the right wheelchair with the proper cushion is freedom. Freedom means happier residents, and happy residents are healthier residents.

Area of Greatest Need

This fund ensures excellent care of patients regardless of their ability to pay. The majority of the long term care residents served each year cannot afford the full cost of their care.

Home Health Fund

With the help of donors like you, our caregivers can provide needy clients with extra resources (such as medical supplies, equipment and staff training) that would otherwise not be paid for through our Home Health program. Please make a donation to benefit Home Health patients that need additional assistance which they can’t afford and insurance will not pay for.

Behavioral Health

This fund supports identified projects or services benefiting individuals struggling with issues related to mental illness.  Donations to Providence Benedictine Nursing Center will go toward services that support the Enhanced Care Unit.  This area of the nursing center provides services to individuals with dementia and mental health issues.