Providence Educational Rotations

Welcome and thank you for choosing Providence. We are honored and excited to participate in your educational experience.

Rotations may be arranged in one of two ways. The first is by an agreement that your training facility already has set up with Providence. The second is by you arranging a rotation with a provider that is either a member of Providence’s medical staff or an employee of Providence. Our office does not query clinical departments at Providence on appointment availability.

After your rotation is arranged, please fill out the forms below – at least 6 weeks prior to the start date of the rotation. This will ensure that appropriate background checks and informatics access requests are completed by the time your rotation begins. Missing or late forms may result in a delay of the start of your rotation.

Please fill out the following forms according to the type of learner category you fall under:

Medical student, advance nurse practitioner and PA student:



Returning learner (Medical student, resident, fellow, PA, ANP):
Are you returning to Providence for another rotation? You are already in our system and cleared, so we only need the attached form filled out if you have previously done a rotation at Providence.

For Program/school coordinators

For all learner types listed above:
Below are READ ONLY documents that will assist you in completing the applications listed above. Please also include a digital photo with your packet. This will help expedite the badging process.

If you have arranged a rotation with someone at Providence and you are not a student in the categories listed above, Please send an email to get assistance with the correct paperwork.

I have completed the forms and/or I have questions, what now?