Providence Digestive Health Institute

If you suffer from digestive, swallowing or gut problems, finding the right specialist and the right program is important. At Providence Digestive Health Institute, we use best practices and the latest research to offer expert, compassionate care. 

Providence Digestive Health Institute provides specialized care for all conditions and diseases of the digestive tract. Our network of highly skilled specialists and care teams works together to diagnose and treat more digestive health issues than any other program in Oregon.  

We provide comprehensive care for conditions affecting the: 

  • Esophagus 
  • Stomach 
  • Small intestine 
  • Colon 
  • Rectum 
  • Liver 
  • Gallbladder 
  • Pancreas 

Why choose Providence? 

As the leading program in Oregon, Providence offers integrated, advanced care for complex digestive health conditions. Our support includes: 
  • Expertise in common and complex conditions 
  • Innovative treatment options tailored to your condition 
  • A commitment to superior patient experience 
  • Leading research and development for advanced treatments 
  • Four Advanced Endoscopy Center locations in Oregon 
  • Weekly meetings to review complex cases and develop specialized treatment plans 
  • Monthly conferences to share knowledge across our seven-state network 
  • A unified approach to care that includes a range of specialists to deliver the best possible outcomes 
  • Eight hospital locations across the state  


The largest digestive health provider in the Northwest

How do hundreds of experts work together to improve your care?
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