Words from our health care community - Thank you for providing our diabetic patients with importand services

I want to acknowledge the generous and effective contribution made to the annual diabetic clinic by your colleagues, Jennifer Price and Kelly Chambers.

This is the third year we have worked with them, and they again provided our diabetic patients with important resources and clinical advice. Patient evaluations showed appreciation for their contribution.   Their presence has improved the working relationship between our clinic and the Providence Diabetes Education Program and has enhanced our patients’ access to the important services they provide throughout the year.   

This year, they facilitated production of education materials, enhanced our staff capabilities with glucometer data downloading, and encountered several patients whose treatment plans they helped formulate and connect for ongoing follow-up care.

Thank you for your support in allowing Jennifer and Kelly to continue to be a partner with diabetes patient education and enhancing the skills of our clinical support staff. It continues to be a pleasant and productive partnership.

Elizabeth Foster, M.D.
Columbia Gorge Family Medicine