Providence Concussion Management

A concussion is a brain injury caused by a sudden hit to the head or body. Even if there are no physical signs of injury, the impact of the hit may shake the brain inside the skull causing the brain to function abnormally. A concussion is considered a "mild" traumatic brain injury because it is not life-threatening, but it does cause various symptoms, which impact daily function and may create long-term problems. By recognizing and treating concussions promptly, the overall effects can be minimized, and patients can safely return to their normal activities.

The experts from the Providence Concussion Management Program recognize concussion as an injury that should be taken seriously. People who may have concussions should be evaluated, diagnosed and treated in a comprehensive way. Our specialists are here to provide the complete care people need after sustaining a potential concussion.

The Providence Concussion Management Program teaches patients, physicians and community members how to manage concussions in order to minimize long-term effects. Our physicians specialize in treating sports-related concussions, as well mild traumatic brain injuries caused by accidents or falls. They use the latest treatments and refer patients for rehabilitation services when needed.

Providence Health and Services is a proud partner of Portland Timbers FC and Portland Thorns FC to help provide athletes and organizations with the tools and information they need to manage concussions safely and effectively.

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