Family Support and Services


We hope you never need to visit our Children’s ER. If you do, we do everything we can to make your visit easier.

While You’re Visiting

  • Separate waiting area for families that includes games and interactive screens
  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Free parking
  • Wait times average less than 30 minutes
  • On-campus pharmacy
  • Free, drop-in child care at My Little Waiting Room during open hours
  • Onsite imaging, including X-ray, MRI, CT and bedside ultrasounds
  • If an MRI is needed, special goggles enable children to watch a movie to reduce stress and the need for sedation
  • USB ports, televisions and lighting controls for personalized dimming capabilities in rooms
  • iPads, Nintendo DS players, hand-held DVD players along with a video library, books, games, etc.
  • Sensory-specific toys and a mobile sensory unit are available to help calm senses and allow children to experience sight, sound, smell and touch stimuli
  • Internet
  • Food and beverage options on campus
  • Gift shops
  • Interpreter services in multiple languages
  • Our commitment to making needles a little less painful and scary by using techniques, such as skin numbing, positioning your child for comfort, distraction, and – for infants – sucrose or breastfeeding
  • Teams of experts who are specially trained to care for children

After You’ve Returned Home

  • We call to check-in after your child has returned home to ensure they are doing better
  • MyChart allows you to access your child’s health care information 24/7, make appointments, request prescription refills, email your child’s primary care provider, view lab results, pay bills and more
  • We communicate back to your child’s primary care provider and any specialists to coordinate their care after they leave

Emergency Consent Form

If your child needs emergency care and you are unavailable to give formal consent, this emergency consent form can prevent care from being delayed. Complete this form and leave a copy with your babysitter, daycare provider and/or temporary guardian. In case of emergency, please instruct your caregivers to bring the completed form with your child to the hospital.