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The Shape of Your Baby’s Head

The shaping of your baby’s head begins in the womb and continues after birth. It is important to position your baby appropriately to prevent a flat spot from forming on your baby’s skull.

Torticollis and Positional Plagiocephaly: The Need for Early Intervention

Once considered by some to be merely cosmetic, torticollis is now known to coincide with abnormal tone and motor delays. Early physical therapy has been shown to improve torticollis outcomes and decrease the duration of therapy, especially when therapy is started prior to 2 months of age.

Tummy Time Parent Handout

It is important for babies to have time on their tummies every day. Most babies quickly learn to like tummy time, once they have become accustomed to the position and especially when they are able to lift their heads.

Walkers, Exersaucers, Jumpers

The following types of equipment may negatively impact your baby’s motor and mental development: infant walkers (equipment used for independent movement), exersaucers (stationary device), and jumpers (suspended seats that attach to a door frame). Babies who are unable to sit on their own should never be placed in these types of equipment.

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Các giai đoạn phát triển

Tìm hiểu xem con quý vị tiến bộ như thế nào trong việc phát triển các kỹ năng vận động, kỹ năng ngôn ngữ và nhiều hơn nữa.

Developmental Stages

Learn how your child is progressing with development of motor skills, language skills and more.

Etapas del desarrollo

Entérese de cuánto ha progresado su criatura en el desarrollo de sus habilidades motoras, del habla y otras.

Referral form

This form is for providers to refer a child to Providence Children's Development Institute. It should not be completed by parents or guardians.

Swindells Resource Center Educational Videos

Learn more about alternative and augmentative communication, sensory integration, pediatric audiology, pediatric physical therapy, pediatric speech-language pathology, the importance of play, planning medical transitions, the role of a developmental pediatrician and pediatric feeding problems by watching our short video presentations.

Understanding Your Baby's Developing Sensory System

Our sensory system allows us to absorb information from our environment. Some people are highly sensitive to this information and others less so. This is true for babies as well. Babies who are more sensitive may have difficulty in an environment that seems normal to the rest of us.

Этапы развития

Узнайте, как у ребенка развивается моторика, речь и другие навыки.

Proprietary Health Article

12 ways to turn your kids into vegetable lovers

Ideally, half of every plate you put in front of your children should be filled with vegetables and fruits.