Efforts to Expand Access to Developmental Services

1 in 5 children has special needs, developmental delays or disabilities But there are not enough community resources to care for them all

What are these special challenges?

Developmental, behavioral and neurological concerns begin anytime during a child's development and include difficulties with activities such as communicating, mobility and learning. These difficulties may last throughout a person's lifetime and include diagnoses such as:

These diagnoses aren't always visible and symptoms vary from person to person.

Special Care for Special Kids

We provide specialized evaluation, treatment, education and support for these conditions. Care for children with special health care needs requires:

  • Skilled clinicians
  • Specialized therapies
  • Mobility equipment
  • Family support services
  • Educational classes for caregivers and families
  • Adequate and appropriate space
  • Availability of services at multiple locations

Our Vision

An unfortunate trend, affecting thousands of children in Oregon and their families is limited access to developmental, behavioral and neurological services for children. This trend is not isolated to Oregon – it's a nationwide problem.

Fortunately for Oregon, Providence Children's Health is committed to meeting the needs of these children and their families. Our first goal is to expand our developmental, behavioral and neurological services to nearly double the number of children we can serve annually. Long term, our vision is to become a center of excellence for children with special health care needs.

Help Make this Vision Possible