Healing waters

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The foundation needs to raise $80,000 to provide aquatic therapy for medically fragile children. These monies will cover the difference between the cost of service and what is reimbursed by insurance.
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The healing and strengthening powers of the Providence aquatic therapy program have generated significant beneficial outcomes for the most profoundly disabled children who reside at the Center for Medically Fragile Children at Providence Child Center.

The power of aquatic therapy
For medically fragile children, warm water aquatic therapy plays a vital role in improving their overall well-being. It has improved their minds, bodies and spirits like no other therapy program.  
*Garrett took his first steps  in the water
*Kirby said his first words in the pool
*Larrisa now takes her daily grooming routine in stride since her muscles are not so stiff
*Nadia has strengthened her muscles and her hips no longer get easily dislocated

Our dedicated team of occupational therapists and activity aides guides children through a variety of range of motion, and relaxation techniques. This is an effective way to increase or maintain range of motion; reduce pain; improve respiratory and cardiovascular functions. Some children have enhanced social and verbal skills.

Make a splash!
Our ability to provide regularly scheduled aquatic therapy sessions for our children is primarily dependent upon philanthropic support due to reduced Medicaid reimbursements. There is need for approximately 800 aquatic therapy sessions a year. Our annual need for this program is $80,000.

How big of a splash will you make?

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