Exceptional kids, exceptional care: Providing a home to medically fragile children

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The foundation needs to raise $2.5 million to offset the high annual cost of caring for residents of the Center for Medically Fragile Children. Medicaid pays for 86 percent of the children’s care. For the remaining costs, Providence relies on the generosity and support of donors.
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At the Center for Medically Fragile Children at Providence Child Center, the day begins much like that of a typical household. The early risers have eaten breakfast and are watching cartoons while the sleepyheads are nudged awake and encouraged to rise and shine.

Providence Child Center is Oregon’s one-of-a-kind center caring for children with disabilities. Whether it’s lending resource materials to parents or providing 24-hour skilled nursing care for young residents, the center’s unique combination of services enhances life for children with disabilities and their families.

Providence Child Center offers many things parents want for their children: a fun and challenging school day, after-class activities, friends, field trips, music lessons, and pets to play with. The 58 youngsters at Providence Child Center get to experience all the joys of childhood possible ... despite the tubes, wheelchairs and complex, around-the-clock medical attention they need.

All the children have physical and neurological conditions that keep them from walking or from communicating with words. Many of the children are tube fed. But the caregivers at the center don’t see this reality as a barrier to the joys of childhood. These are kids who learn, interact and live a full life.

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