Our Team


Nicholas J. Kockler, Ph.D., MS, HEC-C
Regional director
Endowed Chair, Applied Health Care Ethics


Kevin Dirksen, M.Div., M.Sc., HEC-C
Senior Ethicist
Director of Ethics Education


Kelsi Charlesworth, MS
Program Manager

Christianna Henkel

Christianna Henkel
Coordinator of Ethics Programming


Eileen Mooney
Administrative assistant III

Affiliate Faculty

The Ethics Center collaborates with affiliate faculty for select educational programming opportunities. Affiliate faculty assist Center staff in teaching content related to their expertise. Various educational opportunities may be co-taught with affiliate faculty.

Emeritus Faculty

As outlined in the Ethics Advisory Board’s motion, this honorary designation is awarded to an individual who demonstrates a distinguished career as an employee of the Center for Health Care Ethics for a minimum of ten years and marked by:

  • a commitment to service excellence and integrity;
  • a commitment to the professional development of caregivers at PSJH;
  • a commitment to the Mission and Core Values of PSJH, and
  • contributions to fostering an ethical climate at PSJH.

John F TuoheyPresently, only one person has earned the distinction of Emeritus Faculty:
(Rev.) John F. Tuohey, PhD
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