Reverend John F. Tuohey, PhD, Emeritus Faculty

John F Tuohey
(Rev.) John F. Tuohey, PhD, Emeritus Faculty

Through generous contributions to Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation, the Endowed Chair in Applied Health Care Ethics was established in 1998 to ensure the presence of ethical expertise in medical education within Providence Health & Services in Oregon. (Rev.) John F. Tuohey, PhD, became the first holder of the chair, and subsequently was named the regional director of Providence Center for Health Care Ethics when it was established in 2000.

Over time, the influence of the Chair grew because Fr. Tuohey extensively worked with clinical teams and leadership on challenging ethical issues, developed targeted education opportunities for physicians and a core curriculum ethics education program, and held informal lunch sessions to help caregivers learn about ethics in health care. Over his tenure at Providence, many physicians and caregivers have benefited from the educational and consulting services provided by Fr. Tuohey and his team at the ethics center.

Fr. Tuohey was instrumental in creating a unique decision-making matrix for clinical and organizational discernments, and he helped the state of Oregon develop a matrix for decision making in a pandemic situation. His scholarship and leadership represented Providence at the International Conference on Clinical Ethics Consultation and increased visibility of the ethics center around the world, including hosting this ethics conference in 2010 for 400 participants from 27 countries. Fr. Tuohey also engaged in ethics research and scholarship, representing the work of the center in professional publications as well as national and international conferences.

After 18 years with Providence, Fr. Tuohey retired from his position as senior director at the Center for Health Care Ethics and returned to pastoral service on the East Coast. In October 2017, the Ethics Advisory Board endorsed his Emeritus Faculty designation at the Center for Health Care Ethics of Providence Health & Services in Oregon in gratitude for his incomparable contributions to the field and to the ministry of Providence. The center would not be the treasure it is without the work of Fr. Tuohey as the Endowed Chair.