1,001 Ethical Issues with Voluntarily Stopping of Eating and Drinking

Presenter: Ralf J. Jox, M.D., Ph.D Associate Professor of Geriatric Palliative Care at Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland, and Assistant Professor for Medical Ethics at the University of Munich, Germany
Recorded: October 17, 2017
Series: Curtis R. Holzgang, M.D., MACP Visiting Scholar
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While the professional and public discussion has been focusing on assisted suicide for many years, another practice at the end of life has largely been neglected: voluntary stopping of eating and drinking (VSED). The latter is increasingly being advocated as a presumably more humane and ethically less problematic alternative to assisted suicide. Dr. Jox will challenge this view by demonstrating that VSED is in fact a kind of suicide and some forms of professional support for VSED are ethically equivalent to classic suicide assistance.