Our Programs

Providence Cancer Institute Franz Genetic Risk Clinic

At Providence Genetic Risk Clinics, our genetic specialists help assess your individual cancer risk. While it is not possible to predict who will develop cancer, it is possible to learn more about your cancer risk factors and the strategies for managing risk. 

Providence Cancer Institute: Supporting our Patients

At Providence Cancer Institute, you will have access to unsurpassed support and service, adding an extra dimension of care to help fight cancer and...

Providence Integrative Medicine Program

With an emphasis on positive and proactive health management, Providence Integrative Medicine Program offers an excellent complement to conventional medicine.  As part of the multidisciplinary treatment model at Providence Health & Services, our naturopathic physicians work alongside a patient’s other care team members.

Providence Nutrition Services

Our registered and licensed dietitians can help you whether your goal is to treat a health condition, lower your risk of disease, manage your...