Providence Cancer Center Annual Report 2013

At Providence Cancer Center, 2013 marked significant strides in providing exceptional clinical care during 4,861 new cases (an increase of 14 percent over 2012), life-saving and life-extending research focusing on immunotherapy, the latest in cancer diagnostics and genetic risk assessments, extensive community outreach to diverse populations, and compassionate counseling and support for our patients with cancer and their families.

In this 2013 annual report, Providence Cancer Center focuses on two spotlight areas – pancreatic cancer and accomplishments developed during our 20 years of research focusing on immunotherapy. In addition, this annual report provides important program information about advances related to breast; colorectal; melanoma; oral, head and neck; and lung cancers among others. Also included are updates related to our oncology palliative care program and key outreach/education with the communities we serve.

At the center of everything we do are our patients and their families. Our team of exceptional scientists, doctors, nurses and other compassionate caregivers dedicates our life’s work to them.

Spotlight area: pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer continues to be among the highest rates of cancer death in the U.S., and caring for patients with pancreatic cancer is complex. Our team of research and clinical experts provides exceptional care and some of the most innovative, effective treatment options in the Pacific Northwest.

Providence Cancer Institute: Our 20 Years of Research

Providence marks two decades of cancer research focused on immunotherapy – the body’s ability to heal itself. In 1993, Walter J. Urba, M.D., Ph.D. joined Providence to lead this effort.