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The Providence Breast Centers provide a compassionate, comforting environment where every patient receives personalized attention and care. Our team of expert health care professionals strives to meet each patient’s medical and emotional needs. 

Multispecialty breast cancer conferences are held weekly at the Providence Breast Centers. At these meetings, physicians present individual patients’ cases to the care team for expert discussion of the best approaches to treatment and care. The conference promotes nationally recognized therapies.  Treatment decisions are based on the most current evidence-based guidelines.

Treatment options include radiation therapy, surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and other medical oncology and clinical trials. 

At the center of every discussion are the individual patient’s preferences, with focus on enhancing the quality of life through treatment, rehabilitation services and the use of integrative medicine. At the heart of our supportive services are our oncology nurse navigatorsoncology social workers and our breast cancer survivor volunteers in the Breast Cancer Outreach Program (BCOP) who are ready to walk with women through their breast cancer experience.


Living Well

A guide to how our team can help you live well through cancer and beyond.

Mastectomy boutique

Transitions: An Appearance Center offers certified staff and a range of products to help you look and feel like yourself again. 

What is breast density, and why is it important?

Approximately half of the female population has dense breast tissue. Learn more about breast density, the associated risks and how it can affect the detection of cancer in a mammogram.

Now Offering Hologic Low-Dose 3D Mammography

3D Mammography detects 41% more invasive breast cancers and reduces false positives (false alarms) by up to 40%. A breakthrough in the early detection of Breast Cancer.

Cancer Support Groups

Join us for support, education and information. Find a group near you.

Let’s conquer cancer together

Your fight is our fight. Your triumph is our greatest reward. Providence Cancer Survivor Program is here to help you find your path after cancer.

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