Brain Watch Event - Twitter Highlights

Bringing science education to life, Providence School Outreach Program hosted more than 125 Portland-area high school students to watch a live “Brain Watch” surgery as Dr. Vivek Deshmukh, neurosurgeon with Providence Brain and Spine Institute, clamped a brain aneurysm in a 4-hour operation.

This log of tweets provides highlights from the Feb. 25, 2013 Brain Watch surgery.

#BrainWatch Event Twitter Highlights
Portland area high school students prepare to watch live aneurysm surgery. #BrainWatch

Dr. Vivek Deshmukh walks students through aneurysm surgery procedure prior to #BrainWatch.

Nervous murmurs from students as Dr. Deshmukh explains how he will cut into skull to begin #BrainWatch surgery.

As Dr. Deshmukh preps for surgery, OSCAR, a telehealth robot, explains stroke symptoms and prevention. #BrainWatch

Thanks to @KOINLocal6 for joining us for #BrainWatch!

And #BrainWatch of a clipped aneurysm surgery begins.

Physician Assistant LaWanda Dimmler explains #BrainWatchsurgery step-by-step and answers student questions.

Auditorium filled with high school students quiets quickly as bone saw begins to cut through patient’s skull. #BrainWatch

Surgery tech Dan talks to students as Dr. Deshmukh cuts the dura, the outermost layer of the brain.#BrainWatch

(Caution: graphic photo) Audible gasp as high school students get first glimpse of patient brain.#BrainWatch

Switching to scope view, students get up close and personal view of brain vessels. #BrainWatch

For a little #BrainWatch humor, surgery techs dish about surgeon's music preference in OR. Ranges from Duran Duran to classical to silence.

Career opportunities for students also part of #BrainWatch. Monica Rodriguez, RN explains education paths as surgery continues.

Switching to scope view, students get up close and personal view of brain vessels. #BrainWatch

Dr. Deshmukh reaches brain aneurysm (red, center of photo) and explores location for clip. #BrainWatch

A titanium clip is placed at base of brain aneurysm and immediately cuts off blood flow. #BrainWatch

Post-op round of applause for Dr. Deshmukh as he returns to answer surgery questions. #BrainWatch

Dr. Deshmukh answers follow-up questions while Dr. Vincent closes successful surgery. #BrainWatch

And that concludes today's successful clipped brain aneurysm surgery. Thanks for following along at #BrainWatch. 

Watch Providence How We Care video featuring the Brain Watch: