Providence Brain and Spine Institute is a comprehensive, integrated program treating all conditions of the brain, spine and nervous system. Our recognized specialists are a partner in your care, using the latest technology and techniques to develop the right treatment and recovery plan for you.

Our brain powers our bodies, propels our curiosity, defines our personality and holds our memories. Discovering that you or someone you love has a brain or spine disorder is understandably scary. Fortunately advances in medicine have brought positive outcomes and renewed hope to those struck by an acute or chronic illness.

Comprehensive care 
Providence Brain and Spine Institute treats brain and skull base disorders, as well as stroke, peripheral nerve disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), epilepsy, and other brain and spine disorders. Experts from a variety of disciplines work together to diagnose and assess your condition, and design a treatment and rehabilitation plan just for you.

Leading-edge care 
Our specialists use the latest diagnostics, treatments and surgical procedures and have access to world-class technologies, including:

  • The world’s most advanced intraoperative MRI lets surgeons take high-resolution scans of the brain during surgery without moving the patient, allowing greater precision during surgery. 
  • Gamma Knife Perfexion is the most advanced Gamma Knife technology in the Northwest. It can destroy a tumor nonsurgically with pinpoint accuracy. 
  • Neuro biplane laboratory, designed just for Providence, allows specialists to perform complex, detailed nonsurgical treatment of stroke and aneurysm. 
  • Minimally invasive techniques that are easier on the patient and promote speedier recovery. 
  • Providence Telestroke Network, which provides 19 hospitals in Oregon and Washington access to top stroke specialists 24 hours a day. 

Research and discovery
Researchers at the institute are evaluating the treatments of the future with clinical trials and research in multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, spine disorders and intracranial hemorrhage. Through clinical trials, patients have access to new drugs and procedures that may improve their care and quality of life.

Our Programs
Providence Acute Rehabilitation Center 
Providence ALS Center 
Providence Center for Parkinson's Disease 
Providence Cognitive Assessment Clinic 
Providence Cranial Services 
Providence Epilepsy Services 
Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center 
Providence Neurocritical Care Services 
Providence Neurointerventional Services 
Providence Pediatric Neurology 
Providence Peripheral Nerve Services 
Providence Physiatry Services
Providence Neurology Services 
Providence Regional Spine Services 
Providence Stroke Center 
Providence Telestroke Network 
The Gamma Knife Center of Oregon