Recent publications from the Providence Brain and Spine Institute


Min, J.; Cohan, S; Alvarez, E; Sloane, J; Phillips, JT; Van der Walt, A; Koulinska, I; Fang, F; Miller, C; Chan, A. Real-world characterization of dimethyl fumarate-related gastrointestinal events in multiple sclerosis: Management strategies to improve persistence on treatment and patient outcomes. Neurol Ther. 2019

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Zivadinov R, Medin J, Khan N, Korn JR, Bergsland N, Dwyer MG, Chitnis T, Naismith RT, Alvarez E, Kinkel P, Cohan S, Hunter SF, Silva D, Weinstock-Guttman on behalf of MS-MRIUS investigators. Fingolimod’s Impact on MRI Brain Volume Measures in Multiple Sclerosis: results from MS-MSIUS. J Neuroimaging. 2018; 00:1-7. DOI: 10.1111/jon.12518.

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Conference Abstracts & Presentations

2018 American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting
Hudson, E.; Lesko, A.; Lucas, L.; Baraban, E.; Toub, J.; Evans, M.; Fertig, E. Healthcare Utilization and Cost Outcomes for a Multicenter First Seizure and New Onset Epilepsy Clinic.

2019 International Stroke Conference
Ovando, R.; Lucas, L.; Baraban, E.; Tarpley, J. A Propensity-matched Analysis of Outcomes for Patients with M2 Branch Occlusions at Endovascular Stroke Centers.

Yanase, L.; Lucas, L.; Corless, L.; Baraban, E. Complications from IV Alteplase in Mild Stroke Patients in a Multi-state Health System.

Swearingen, N.; Corless, L.; Swann, K.; Cox, D.; Lada, E.; Baraban, E. Cost Analysis of Implementing Standardized Stroke Patient Education Materials in a Large Five State Health System.

Lesko, A.; Corless, C.; Gaede, C.; Baraban, E.; Lucas, L.; Yanase, L. Development of Continuous Quality Improvement in a Telestroke Network.

Stuchiner, T.; Clark, D.; Lucas, L.; Robison, J.; Yanase, L. Impact of Early Mobilization on 90-Day Outcomes in Thrombectomy Patients.

Zurasky, J.; Corless, L.; Lucas, L.; Baraban, E. Implementation of Coordinated Telestroke Program in an Urban Setting Improves Acute Stroke Care.

Bhatt, A.; Baraban, E.; Corless, L.; Lucas, L. Increase in Video Evaluations but Not Complications Over Time in a Large Stroke Network.

Swearingen, N.; Corless, L.; Swann, K.; Cox, D.; Lada, E.; Baraban, E. Large Five State Health System Standardizes Stroke Patient Education while Significantly Improving Health Literacy.

Augustine, S.; Tarpley, J.; Lucas, L.; Baraban, E. Outcomes of Large Vessel Occlusion Patients in a Multi-hospital System with NIHSS<6 Treated with Endovascular Thrombectomy vs Medical Management.

Yanase, L.; Stuchiner, T.; Lucas, L.; Corless, L.; Baraban, E. Post-IV Alteplase Hemorrhage Rates in Early vs. Delayed Treatment Window in a Multi-State Health System.

Archer, M.; Fuller, M.; Cox, K.; Swearingen, N. Regional Stroke Program Coordinator Nurses Standardize EMS Feedback Utilizing Kurt Lewin’s Change Model.

Cox, K.; Sheets, B.; Lesko, A.; Lucas, L.; Baraban, E.; Chandler, R.; Clark, D. Standardized Code Stroke Inpatient Activation Process Resulted in Consistent Acute Stroke Evaluation Times Regardless of Primary Problem or Patient Location.