Chair's Message

Kathy_headshotDear Friends,

I joined the Providence Benedictine Nursing Center Foundation Board because the people of Mt. Angel, Silverton and the surrounding areas deserve the loving and compassionate care Providence Benedictine provides. Providence Benedictine is nestled in a lovely setting in the small town of Mt. Angel. It is truly a treasure we need to preserve.

The Foundation is the fundraising board for Providence Benedictine Nursing Center. Funds need to be raised every year for ongoing care and facility improvements. The board acts as an advisor to the foundation director, assists in contacting potential donors and thanking contributors. Board members also host small fundraising events or assist at larger events.

Our Mission is to provide excellent care and to continue our innovation and leadership in serving the elderly and the disabled, regardless of income. Nearly 85 percent of Providence Benedictine residents in long-term care have exhausted their life savings and rely on Medicaid. Government programs do not cover the entire cost of our services.

This is where you come in. You can help us meet those unpaid expenses with your generous gifts and donations. There are several ways you can help. In addition to your regular donations, you can remember us in your estate planning, make us a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, donate your Required Minimum Distribution tax free from an IRA account or make a bequest to one of our endowment funds.

Since 1955, Providence Benedictine has been a model of excellence. Providence Benedictine is unique in Oregon. It is a teaching nursing center and an industry leader in skilled long-term care, in such areas as palliative care, dementia, self-directed living and pain management. Today with nearly 300 employees, in addition to long- term care, we also offer on-site rehabilitation services, assisted-living, home health care, hospice and on-site child care with an intergenerational program.

The Providence Benedictine community of ministries serves more than 3,600 elderly and disabled persons each year. It is a monumentally expensive operation. We need your help to continue with our Mission to serve …the poor and the vulnerable, though compassionate service. We never turn anyone away because they have no money.

Over the years, Providence Benedictine has taken care of generations of some area families. We are blessed to have such wonderful care available in our community. Providence Benedictine needs to be here not only now, but also for future generations. This will only be possible through the generous financial support of all of us. I financially support Providence Benedictine and its Mission and I hope you will also.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kathy Beutler
Board Chair
Providence Benedictine Nursing Center Foundation