Patient stories: A delicate dance

Mother and daughter have choreographed their response. When Carol Fichtner feels her head involuntarily turn to the right, she has two seconds to call out to her daughter. Clara Mae Fichtner rushes into the room and positions herself between her mother and any sharp corners.

Then comes Carol's "Statue of Liberty pose": Her right arm shoots skyward, her left cradles at her waist. Her knees lock, and she falls to the floor, unresponsive. Clara Mae calls 911.

Since March 2009, these seizures have become an unwelcome guest, crowding the small Tigard apartment that Carol, 60, and 19-year-old Clara Mae share. The first one arrived violently, striking Carol in the walkway outside their apartment. She was "out" for two hours. She doesn't remember taking the ambulance ride to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, or undergoing CT and MRI scans.

She does remember, however, the doctor's diagnosis.

"He said I had a mass in my brain."

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Update: Where is Carol now?