Prenatal Care

Quality prenatal care is important to help you have a healthy baby. At Providence, we believe the best prenatal care doesn't just focus on health – but extends to other elements of your life: your partner, family, nutrition and more.

Our Pregnancy Care Package blends individual visits with a nurse midwife and group sessions with 8-10 women at similar points in their pregnancies. Individual visits with the nurse midwife focus on you and your partner. The nurse midwife performs a careful evaluation of you and your baby – and addresses your individual pregnancy needs. And, there's always time to answer questions and talk about your concerns.

The group sessions are led by a nurse midwife and patient navigator. These sessions provide an opportunity to learn from and share your experience with other moms-to-be in a relaxed and safe setting. Each group visit features special topics and activities tailored to the group's stage of pregnancy. Group sessions offer time to talk about pregnancy topics in detail.

And, group time also includes a private "baby check" with the nurse midwife, where you listen to your baby's heartbeat and measure growth. The benefits of group care are well documented. Women involved in group sessions typically have better prenatal knowledge, are more prepared for labor and birth and are less likely to have preterm births.*


"I love it here. Everyone is so friendly and always happy. Groups have been helpful with this third pregnancy. I still learned new info that was helpful."

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Another important member of your care team is the patient navigator. Their role is to connect you with other resources you may need during pregnancy. They can help you find a doctor for your baby, point you to childbirth education classes, connect you with people to explain your health insurance coverage or inform you about resources for supplemental food, clothing or infant care resources.

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