Postpartum visits

2-3 Weeks Postpartum: Postpartum Group Session
This is our final group visit - and you get to bring your baby! In this fun session, parents learn what's normal for a new baby and for mom. The group discusses self-care and how to get rest, nutrition and "you" time. You have a chance to learn about family planning and birth control options. A brief, private visit with the nurse midwife is available if you have personal physical or emotional concerns.

6 Week Postpartum: Visit with a Nurse Midwife
A final postpartum visit for mom with the nurse midwife completes your formal pregnancy care. You undergo a physical exam to assure you're healing normally and we identify family planning/contraception needs. It's also an opportunity to talk about adjusting to your baby and to parenthood. We review options for ongoing women's health care, too.

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