Postpartum visit at Providence Mother and Baby Clinic, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

The last step of the hospital delivery experience is for you and your baby to visit the Providence Mother and Baby Clinic, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center one or two days after you are discharged home. For your convenience, we are open seven days a week.

At this important appointment, you will be seen one-on-one by a nurse who specializes in lactation and mother/baby postpartum care. 

During the appointment, a board-certified nurse will assess:

Maternal assessment:

  • Nursing assessment of vital signs including pain scale measurement
  • Evaluation of delivery site to monitor healing or look for signs of infection
  • Examination of breast and nipple tissue, and treatment for engorgement, sore nipples and relief for other breast/nipple pain issues if needed.
  • Education and technical assistance for basic  breast, breast pump and or bottle feeding

Infant assessment: 

  • Assessment of vital signs and brief review of systems
  • Review of pre-discharge bilirubin lab result and complete a visual jaundice inspection
  • Evaluation or development of feeding plan, check weight gain since discharge, and infant voiding  
  • Observed feeding assessment, including pre and post feeding weight check

Forms Instructions

Bringing baby home: Instructions for home care

Congratulations on your new baby! We've put together a list of helpful information and links to access Providence postpartum care services.