Persistent pain therapy

Also known as: Chronic pain therapy, Therapy, persistent pain

Outpatient persistent pain therapy can help you understand and recover from persistent pain. The Persistent Pain Team at Providence Rehabilitation Services provides treatment to the pain patient based on the premise that the pain response itself has become over-active.

Treatment may include:

  • Helping the patient understand the pain process as something that they have the ability to change.
  • Retraining the person to learn to move again smoothly and easily, to be less afraid of pain and injury so that he or she can return to the things they enjoy.
  • Teaching about relaxation techniques to quiet the stress response (the “fight or flight” state that we often get stuck in when living with pain.)
  • Helping the patient understand how to safely reintroduce activities without flaring up the pain response.

Our treatment choices will involve teaching techniques that the patient can use themselves to be more active, to move more easily, and gradually to be able to reduce their pain. People coming into the persistent pain program  should be prepared to get to work on helping themselves heal, and to think of their therapist as their coach in healing.

After illness, injury or disability, people in our community turn to Providence Rehabilitation Services for help in regaining strength and independence. Last year, Providence Rehabilitation served more than 86,000 adults and children.

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Persistent pain frequently asked questions

Our experts answer frequently asked questions about pain, why it persists and how to get back to regular activity after experiencing pain.