Pediatric modified barium swallow study

Also known as: Pediatric cookie swallow test, pediatric video-fluoroscopic evaluation, Pediatric cine-swallow study

A pediatric modified barium swallow study is an X-ray video that shows how a child swallows various foods and liquids. The study provides detailed information on how safely a child can eat and drink. It shows if any food or liquid is moving toward or entering the child’s lungs.

Providence Children's Development Institute conducts pediatric modified barium swallow studies for children who may be showing signs of having difficulty swallowing. These signs include:

  • A wet-sounding voice
  • Frequent coughing or clearing of his or her throat
  • A change in breathing while eating
  • Recurrent respiratory infection

A prescription is required for this service. Please speak with your child’s physician if you are interested in a modified barium swallow study. If your child is already seeing a physical, occupational or speech therapist, that therapist can help you by obtaining a prescription from your child’s physician.

Once you have the prescription, please call Providence Children's Development Institute to schedule an appointment.