Pediatric follow-up clinics for high-risk infants

Also known as: Neonatal intensive care unit follow-up clinics, NICU follow-up clinics, Sequential follow-up clinics for high-risk infants

Children who were born prematurely or were very sick at birth have an increased risk for growth or feeding problems. In order to maximize your child’s developmental growth and to ensure that he or she is eating appropriately, we encourage you to bring your child to a follow-up clinic. Without the appropriate care, your child will be at a higher risk for delays that could have an impact later in life.

Providence Children's Development Institute provides a clinic for infants who are at risk for delays in developmental growth or feeding problems due to premature birth or significant illness. The clinic is staffed by a team of specialists who evaluate and treat infants at high risk for developmental problems. Our staff will analyze how your child learns, develops speech and performs motor activities. They will evaluate his or her nutritional needs and address  your concerns regarding behavior. Our goal is to help your child obtain optimal development.

A typical schedule for children in the follow-up clinic, and the services they receive at those visits, looks like this:

  • Two weeks after discharge from NICU: Nutrition services
  • 4 months corrected age: Developmental and physical therapy services
  • 8 months corrected age: Nutrition, physical therapy and audiology services
  • 12 months: Developmental and physical therapy services
  • 18 months: Developmental, occupational and physical therapy services
  • 24 months: Occupational and speech therapy services
  • 36 months: Developmental and speech therapy services

For more information, please contact Providence Children's Development Institute.