Oncology nurse navigator

Also known as: Nurse navigator, Cancer nurse navigator

An oncology nurse navigator is an oncology certified nurse (OCN) who provides  education for each cancer patient concerning their individual treatment and recovery. An oncology nurse navigator will:

  • Explain individual pathology and radiology results
  • Help patients understand the disease process
  • Empower patients to make informed treatment decisions
  • Help patients refine their questions for their physicians
  • Explain treatment options given by their physicians
  • Refer to Providence Cancer Center and community resources
  • Monitor the patient’s progress through treatment, intervening as needed to ensure completion of treatment
  • Educate patients on survivorship planning
At Providence Cancer Center, patients and families benefit from some of the finest, most comprehensive cancer services in the world, including the best in diagnostic imaging, state-of-the-art treatments, nationally-renowned research, and compassionate counseling and support. Our doctors, surgeons, nurses, researchers, patient advocates and other caregivers work together to treat cancer aggressively and to ensure that no person has to face the challenge of a cancer diagnosis alone.