Newborn and neonatal surgery

We provide consultation, diagnosis and treatment for children with surgical needs, including neonatal surgery and surgery for congenital anomalies. We also offer special expertise in pediatric laparoscopy and thoracic surgery. A child’s procedure can be stressful for the entire family, so we do our best to make this experience as pleasant as possible. Our staff is specially trained in caring for children and their families. A team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other expert personnel will do everything to make your experience as safe, convenient and comfortable as possible.

Forms Instructions

The day of your child’s surgery: What to expect

If your child needs to have surgery, you may be nervous about the procedure and anxious about preparing your child to handle the situation. These guidelines will help you know what to expect and, hopefully, ease your anxiety.

Anesthesia and your child

General anesthesia provides complete absence of pain and total loss of consciousness during surgery. Our anesthesia team is very skilled in safely administering anesthesia medications to children of all ages.

Pediatric surgery checklist

Preparing your child for surgery.