Neurocognitive testing

Also known as: ImPact, Impact

Concussion and neurocognitive testing
After a concussion, athletes should only be released to full activity when a physician decides it is safe. Neurocognitive testing can help physicians, including specialists such as our Providence sports medicine physicians, decide if an athlete is ready to return to full sports or academic activities. Neurocognitive testing assesses how well an athlete's brain is functioning. Often athletes will not have concussion symptoms but will perform below normal on neurocognitive tests. This indicates that the brain is not yet healed or ready for full activity. Having a pre-concussion (or baseline) test gives physicians a benchmark to compare post-concussion results to. Many schools provide baseline neurocognitive testing for athletes. Please call (503) 215-6900 to schedule pre-concussion neurocognitive testing at a Providence rehabilitation clinic.