Prescriptive music, also known as Music-thanatology, can provide comfort and relaxation at any point during treatment of a terminal illness, such as during the removal of life support, while a person is on comfort care, during periods of anxiety, intense pain, or sleeplessness or when a person is having difficulty breathing.

Music-thanatology brings physical, emotional and spiritual comfort to patients and their families during a time of serious illness or at the end of life. Trained clinicians respond to a patient’s changing condition with unique prescriptive music using harp and voice. Because the music is individualized, it often lessens pain, reduces anxiety, relieves respiratory distress and provides deep relaxation.

Patients, family members and health care providers can request Music-thanatology services. There is no fee for this service.

Music-thanatologists focus on quality of life

Music-thanatology is a discipline that aligns beautifully with the care that we provide in Providence because it addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and the patient’s loved ones.