Prenatal appointment schedule for Portland midwife clinic

During prenatal appointments, our nurse midwives will monitor the progression of your pregnancy. We will provide you with information on nutrition and testing, and address any concerns you may have. Prenatal appointments are your time to get to develop a bond with your nurse midwife and staff, ask questions, and get resources and guidance. 

Click here to view the schedule for your prenatal visits with Providence Women's Clinic, East Portland.

10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy – First prenatal visit: The nurse-midwife will take your medical history and answer your questions and concerns. A urine specimen will be taken and sent to the lab. A Pap smear and physical exam will be done at this visit or the next. The midwife will try to listen to fetal heart tones (the baby’s heartbeat), which usually can first be heard between 10 and 13 weeks.

15 to 17 weeks – Routine prenatal visit: This visit includes a urine sample, weight check, belly check and listening for fetal heart tones. Blood work, including the optional maternal serum screening, is usually done at this time. A Pap smear and physical exam are done if they weren’t completed at your first visit.

18 to 20 weeks – Routine prenatal visit: This is usually the best time in your pregnancy to have an ultrasound; our staff will work with you to schedule this. During this time you should consider scheduling your childbirth preparation classes. Information is provided in your packet.

24 weeks – Routine prenatal visit

28 weeks – Routine prenatal visit: Blood will be drawn to screen for diabetes in pregnancy and for anemia. If your blood is Rh-negative, we recommend you have a Rhogam shot at this visit.

28 to 36 weeks – Routine prenatal visits every two to three weeks

36 to 41 weeks – Routine prenatal visits every week: You will be screened for group B strep at 36 to 37 weeks. The midwife will help you plan for your baby’s birth.