Midwifery Care

At Providence, we understand no two women are alike – and no two pregnancies are alike. We offer care, support, information and preparation personalized to you, your pregnancy and your birth plan. Our care is tailored to the birth experience you want – tightly coordinating prenatallabor and delivery and postpartum care.

Certified nurse midwives anchor our team-based care model. They provide high-quality, family-centered care that's safe, compassionate, nurturing and empowering. Our nurse midwives see pregnancy and birth as normal, natural events – not medical conditions to be treated. They lead your care team, which also includes registered nurses, doulas, patient navigators and consulting obstetricians and pediatricians to provide a warm, personal approach to your pregnancy and birth – with the safety of a hospital delivery.

Providence offers a full range of care for moms and newborns. That gives us the flexibility to tailor services to your specific needs and desires. We are experts in pregnancy and birth – we deliver 12,000 babies each year! So, if you or your baby needs special care, Providence has you covered.