Credentialing and Privileging

Membership qualifications

Membership qualifications are based on the Providence Health & Services Core Values of Compassion, Excellence, Justice, Respect and Stewardship, as well as the ACGME Core Competencies which include patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism and system-based practice. Credentialing ensures that the delivery of care to patients we serve within PH&S is safe, reliable and of the highest quality. 

Application for membership to Providence Health & Services - Oregon Region (PHSOR) Professional Staff is made by submission of one common Oregon Practitioner Credentialing Application for the state of Oregon. Our Regional Credentialing Office (RCO) manages all credentialing activity for the Oregon region. 

Credentialing includes three categories: the initial appointment to membership within our Professional Staff, periodic recurring reappointment and the conferring of privileges requested by applicants and members. Each category of credentialing is explained below.

  • Initial appointment

    Applicants to any facilities within PHSOR complete an online application.

    The application and documents that are required to complete an application packet are stored in a central data repository maintained by our RCO in our secure credentialing software product. Our office performs all primary source verification that is available to each facility where the application is processed. Learn more about the process flow for initial appointment.

  • Reappointment

    On a periodic basis, and in compliance with state and federal regulations, each member of PHSOR Professional Staff applies for membership reappointment. As in the initial application process, our RCO performs the necessary primary source verifications and stores all materials securely. Learn more about the process flow for reappointment.

  • Privileges

    Practitioners request clinical privileges with a common Privilege Request Form. The application and associated privileges are made available to the facilities where the practitioner desires to practice and execute specific privileges. Privileges granted are facility-specific, based on established criteria, and are dependent on the capability of each facility to provide the services.

    Certain privileges at PHSOR facilities may have been approved with mentoring and/or proctoring requirements. This mentoring/proctoring must be completed with an approved mentor/proctor that currently has the same privilege(s) at the applicable PHSOR facility. If mentoring/proctoring is required, it will be listed on your attached privilege form.

    Have your mentor/proctor complete a Clinical Competence Assessment form for each case to the total number required per privilege that requires mentoring/proctoring (see list of approved privileges provided with appointment letter). Submit completed clinical assessment forms to the Regional Credentialing Office (RCO).

All processing of initial, reappointment and privileging applications presented for credentialing decisions, are completed in a manner consistent with PHSOR bylaws and policies and procedures of the Professional Staff, and in compliance with state and federal regulations. The timeliness of transparent and complete information is the responsibility of the applicant. 

Finally, upon review of the applicant's education, training and competency by a member leader (peer) of the Professional Staff, credentialing recommendations are made and presented to the Oregon Community Ministry Board for final approval. 

Our RCO staff members will work with applicants to assure the accuracy and currency of their information. We are committed to ensuring the security of any data provide as part of the application process. Access to highly sensitive provider-specific information is carefully limited and your information will not be used inappropriately.