Pulse FAQs

Pulse is a monthly newsletter emailed to all professional staff – nearly 5,000 physicians and licensed professionals with privileges in Providence's Oregon hospitals. To learn more, or to get something published in the newsletter or on our website, Pulse Online, here are answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I get something published in Pulse?
Send requests and materials to editor Will Morton, Marketing and Communications.

When does the newsletter come out and when is material due?
Pulse publishes the third Wednesday of every month. Copy is due the first of the month.

Who decides what gets published?
Pulse is overseen by medical staff leaders and an editorial board. The writing and production work is done by lots of folks – physicians, administrators, project leads, marketing and communications, and others.
What qualifies as a Pulse article?
Because the newsletter has limited space and is for the people who work in our hospitals and clinics, the content must be relevant to their work. Relevant topics may include:

  • News about patient safety
  • Clinical quality initiatives
  • Patient satisfaction successes
  • Changes in hospital protocol
  • A new "best clinical practice"
  • Physician promotions, retirements, achievements
  • Continuing medical education
Why was my submission rejected?
Most likely it wasn't relevant to professional staff and could appear in our other news vehicles, including Providence Spirit or our PH&S website. We do our best to promote public events when space allows, but in general, nonclinician news takes a lower priority.

I work in a hospital outside of Portland. Why should I care about Portland hospital news?
Most of our top stories apply to all regions. We do, however, offer "zoned editions" to accommodate news of local significance. These items should not be public press releases that can be posed on the Internet, but rather, internal news of interest to your hospital's professional staff.